Sorting Favorite Plugins

Hi all, I find that the “Favorite Plugins” window on the left side of Mix screen never sorts. It seems to keep them in the order that I add them.
I realize that it never totally sorted the plugins, but it did eventually sort most of them. I could live with that (not happily, tho). So it wasn’t a biggie. With the 3 latest releases it does not do any sorting ever. They just sit there in whatever order they were added.
It’s a bit of a time waster searching for a plugin.
Can you fix it, or can someone tell me a better way to handle the plugins?

That is intentional. You can manually reorder your favorite plugins in your favorite order, which is saved and restored.

New favorites are added at the end, and you can then reorder them.

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doh!, I feel so foolish
Thanks Robin.

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