Sort templates tracks

(Movidalarioja) #1

Hi all
it is possible to order alphabetically track, bus or vca templates?
I tried but I could not achieve it
Sorry my bad english

(Paul Davis) #2

Not possible, sorry.

(Movidalarioja) #3

Hi Paul
You do not have to worry
I was looking inside
but I could not find out what value is what gives the list order
If you have any thread, I could try to edit it manually
Thank you

(Robin Gareus) #4

Under the hood Ardour eventually uses readdir on Unix systems. The order is somewhat random (depends on the file-system), and is the same as with ls -f.

As @paul said, it is currently not possible to sort these, at least not without modifying Ardour itself.

(Movidalarioja) #5

I get it
Thanks for your time
Greetings =)

(Robin Gareus) #6

Quick heads up: The next version of Ardour will sort route templates alphabetically by name. If you’re impatient, you may be able to backport this to 5.12

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(Movidalarioja) #7

in my country we say: “Esto se va a descontrolar” (this is going to get out of control)
I will destroy a bit of code while I drink some beers, jeje
Thank you

(Saam R Sany) #8

On the topic of impatience (hehe…) is the .cc file for the faderport16 in the github working? Or partially working at least? And if so, how would I go about “backporting” it to 5.12? Do I just copy it somewhere into /usr/share/?

(Robin Gareus) #9

The good news, yes FaderPort 16 is already fully supported in Ardour/git, but the bad news is that it’s not trivial to backport it to Ardour 5.12. It’s not a single file, nor a single commit, but substantive changes. It would need extra work to make it compile with Ardour 5.x.

Alas, no. You’d have to re-compile Ardour.

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