Sooooooo, where do I find the Ardour 3 source code?

Sooooooo, where do I find the Ardour 3 source code? I searched the downloads section and looked in the bleeding edge section, but I couldn’t find it. Yes, I am prepared for random system crashes, but I really want to try out some of the new functionality that has been added. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Also, can I have Ardour 2.7.1 and Ardour 3 installed at the same time on the same machine? I wasn’t really sure. I use Kubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy with KDE 3.5.

Thanks for any help in advance!

I compiled without VST.

Built and installed.



No problems with having 2.7.1 and 3 installed on the same machine.

Just run ‘scons PREFIX=/opt/ardour-2.7.1’ and ‘scons PREFIX=/opt/ardour-3.0svn’, or something similar, to install in those separate directories.

You have to make sure those directories exist prior to running scons, otherwise it complains (for some stupid reason).

If I where to enable VST support in addition to defining a specific installation directory using scons? Would it look like this?

“scons PREFIX=/opt/ardour-3.0svn VST=1” without the quotes?