Sonosax M2D2: Record into an Android phone @24bit/192kHz

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bradhurley: “lots of xruns at 192 kHz”

@Brad: Thanks for your testing efforts!

I’m in the process of ordering a M2D2 -
last but not least because of your reviews of its superior sound quality.

Did you use the standard USB driver from Android?
If ‘yes’: Which version?

Or did you install e.g. eXtream Software’s “USB Audio Recorder PRO”, including
“USB audio driver in USB Audio Player/Recorder PRO and Audio Evolution Mobile”,
bypassing Android’s completely?

Do you know of any (perhaps even better) alternatives
to get around that USB audio class implementation
which reportedly is still broken even in Android 5 … 10 ?

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→ products → usb-audio-recorder-pro
→ technology → usb-audio-driver

Hi – I used whatever came with my phone, which was a Google Pixel 2. I no longer have the phone so can’t verify what version it was, sorry!

I simply found the experience so much simpler and better on iOS that I got a cheap iPhone and use that instead. The main issue I found with Android was the inability to record actual 24-bit files; the recommended app for Android, Field Recorder, dithers to 16bit or at least it did when I was using it. But also the experience of recording on iOS using Apogee Metarecorder was seamless and simpler for me so I switched.

I mostly use the M2D2 going into a Windows laptop. We are currently recording a new album almost entirely with the M2D2 (just a couple of songs with another interface/recorder where we needed more inputs) and the sound quality is really excellent.

Sonosax is having trouble getting parts for their equipment and I believe they just had to raise their prices…I hope you don’t have to wait too long or pay too much for your M2D2!

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Thanks a lot for your quick and valuable response!
As soon as I get a M2D2,
I’m planning to test with my Nokia 6.1 (upgraded to Android 10)
and the eXtream driver and SW first; will report back then.
Kind regards!

Good luck, I hope it works!

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