Song/Video "Divide" by Lorin Klugman

Thus is a song and video titled “Divide”, released on 06/25/2020.

All done with Free and Open Source Sofware (FOSS). Ardour for all the audio processing. GNU Image Manipulation Program for cover art. Ffmpeg and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for video processing.

I play the guitar, bass and sing the vocals. The drums are a Ardour Midi track and the LSP Multi-Sampler x12 Stereo plugin. I use another Ardour Midi track and ZynAddSubFX as a synthesizer. Both midi tracks are programmed using Ardour’s interface.

My website details all the plugins used (lv2, and LADSPA) with the Ardour session. I provide links to each plugin provider’s website. All detailed on my webstte here: Punch-Up Song: Divide

In addition, I used a Fender Champion 50xl guitar amp. That is a digital amp which simulates serveral classic Fender and British (Marshall) amplifiers. For this song, I used the Fender Bassman amplifier simulation setting. I used no guitar pedals. The Fender Champion 50xl provides a headphone output. I plugged a cable from the amp headphone output to my audio interface ( hence exposing the amp output to my Ardour session).

Finally, I used Ardour’s export function to create master audio file (wav). I used Ardour’s export preset “YouTube and Deezer; normalize loudness, limit peak, WAV, 16-bit, 48 kHz”. When that preset was added to Ardour, that was a game changer for me. It provided high quality audio files. That allowed me to submit my masters to radio stations. I am now getting consistent air-play. Thank you, Ardour team!!

All feedback welcome,

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Nice work, Lorin!

I really can’t understand and use ZynAddSubFX. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best, Alexandre