Song release made with Ardour

I use free and open source (FOSS) software exclusively.

Check out my latest song release “Don’t Mind Walking” here: Punch-Up Song: Don't Mind Walking . Web page details all the software used to make the audio recording (I.E. Ardour plus lv2 plugins).

Recording was done in my home. I live in a very noisy part of Chicago. Thus, I plug my electric guitar and bass directly into an audio interface (USB). The vocals are the only tracks that I record with a microphone. The drums are Geonkick hosted as a Ardour midi track. Organ is ZynAddSubFX, also hosted as a Ardour midi track.

Mix all done with Ardour. I used the Ardour export preset for youtube to create an audio master.

I just started to add video. I use OBS studio to record myself playing guitar. I create static images (E.G. logo) with GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). I use FFmpeg to combine audio, video and static images (mp4).

Check it out,

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This sounds great. How did you manage to record the vocals without capturing the “very noisy part of Chicago”? Did you use one of the organ presets in ZynAddSubFX, or did you customize your own?

First thank you for the feedback and the questions.

For vocals, I gamble on certain times of day being quieter. I use a 3 layer pop filter (with metal mesh) placed over a cardioid mic set to unidirectional.

For the organ, I used one of the ZynAddSubFX organ presets.

Once the midi tracks are set for a final mix, I route each midi-track output to 2 Ardour mono audio tracks. That way, I can control stereo panning and use the Ardour track “fade-out” function. I then replace each midi-track ( turn active to off and hide) with the new audio tracks.