Song Opens on Mac but not PC - Ardour cannot find the audio file

I have a song that when copied to PC, both using Ardour 5.4, I get a message “Ardour cannot find the audio file”. It then gives me an option to chose a location, but its already at the correct location and the file is indeed there.

If I chose skip, becuase its actually a file I don’t need anyway, I then get the error:

Session “sessionpath” did not load successfully: Cannot configure audio/midi engine with session parameters"

Opened the session file in a text editor, removed reference to that wav file, and then it opened on the PC.

What was the name of the file?


The others came through, including C:\Users\jsmith\BL\ALBUM_SPLIT_TRACKS\Bronners\interchange\Bronners\audiofiles\Brent_Vox_20161115-8.wav