Song for fun tracked with Ardour

As an old man, I am amazed to discover how it is easy to make it sound « true », though it is, somehow, forethought.
Pictures were captured with a little camera.
Sound was recorded with Ardour and further on with Mixbus.
The game was to synchronize the original take with the recorded tracks, but I do admit, it’s fun.
Thanks for watching.


Is that you singing? Wish I had such a expressive voice. And wish I had learned some French at school, instead of Latin and acient Greek

Hello Peter,
Thank you for posting a comment.
Yes, I am singing the song, but I tracked it maybe a month after I did the video take.
The audio was taken in one take, then I doubled the guitar and added a, somehow, hidden bass.
Thanks again.

Hello Olivier,
Thank you for sharing, it’s great :star_struck:
Et quelle belle déclaration ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Seb,
Thanks a lot for your kind post.
Merci beaucoup.

Wonderful, as usual!

What a great natural singing voice, perfect intonation, tuning and an appealing tonality… That’s a God-given gift!

Thank you so much, Glen, for your kind words.
Your comment gives me the will to carry on.