Sommer - Album mixed and mastered with Ardour5

Dear Ardour Community

I’m (a bit) proud to announce my new Album “Sommer” here. It’s recorded, mixed and mastered with free software: Ardour5 and Calf Plugins. I used Debian 10 as basis.

The other albums (AusZeit, TRäume) are also made with Ardour. I like to say thank you for this great piece of Software - already donated some bucks.

Bests to you and happy recording!
Tom (Tomade)

BTW: I happily used AVLDrums in some tracks



Very nice work, interesting tunes mixed very well! I say yes to Yes!! Thanks for sharing!

I guess you could call this minimalism. I liked the tight timings and usage of unconventional sounds as rhythmic elements. Also the acoustics environments (reverberations) were very interesting. My favourite track is: Trampolin. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much - The effort I put into learning how to mix was large - I’m still not really satisfied. But now I know, that the professionals in this topic are worth to pay :slight_smile:
Bests to you!

Thank you - Trampolin was the last Track I worked on -and its also my personal favourite. Kind regards!