Sometimes track meter doesn't work

Sometimes a track meter appears not to work. The audio is there and the master meter works, just not the occasional track meter. I haven’t done anything special (at least, not intentionally) to these tracks. What would cause a track meter not to show anything?

Make certain the metering point(See the button under the meter) is set correctly, I have often seen them get accidentally changed to a different metering point which gives the appearance of them not working(Say input when there is no input connected instead of Pre for prefader metering).


Aha. But then, why would most of my meters work with post, and only a few with pre? I didn’t (intentionally) set anything to make them work this way.

If I remember correctly there was an issue where if you closed a session while a track was record enabled(Which automatically sets your metering if you keep the default options for this) then the track would save with the new metering point. There may have been another way this happened as well but can’t remember.


I think it happened the other way, as I’m assiduous about disarming record when I’m done. If you think of it, I’m curious to know what the other way of this happening is.