Something wrong with the forum software

When I try to comment on post

The forum software claims I’m using a language that is not allowed. For example if I just add one character - as the comment the forum software says: Your submission uses a language (e.g. zxx) that is not permitted.

If I write just one word: You as the comment, the forum software says:Your submission uses a language (e.g. fr) that is not permitted

@mhartzel: yes, sorry about this. I had to instate that policy to deal with the chinese fake university diploma spammers who were hitting the website several times a day. I’ll expand the list of allowed languages now, which will cover all major Latin-script ones. Hopefully in a week or two, I can cancel it completely and see if they’ve just gone away.

Ahh I was wondering, been deleting a fair amount of that but I think since you switched time zones you have gotten a lot more of it than me lately.


I actually tweaked the code to just block any variant of Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I will remove this at the end of the month and see if they return.

OK, thanks for the info. Commenting on post 14972 works now :slight_smile:


Well if you just removed it, they are back, just deleted a bunch. If you haven’t removed it, it isn’t working, same reason.