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Im using ardour in linux to record my own songs… The problem is that im not a good singer… so… I need extra help to make my compositions, hehehe.

I was searching for information and other daws (and windows users) has several tools for timing and pitch correction in the voices (tools like melodyne, but there are another).

Do u know if i have any alternative in linux (commercial or not) to use with ardour?

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PD: I saw several threads in the forum about this, but there are very old.

Graillon: Auburn Sounds - Graillon, live voice changer
x42-autotune: x42 Auto Tune

x42 and graillon are limited… i think. MXtune seems stills not too usefull…

at the end i have just installed yabridge to use lin VST plugins :frowning:

I think this is the more realistic solution for this porpouse


I have installed and use melodyne with yabridge in linux. It seems to work correctly.

I have also use wave tune v14 n linux with yabridge. It works… but witha lot of crashes… that creates “nosie” to the tracks… I have not probe to use it with linvst

I use gsnap with with MIDI. It makes really great results and the correction sounds naturally. But it’s not so easy to use. With mxtune, i get more a robotic sound…

And gform for pitch shifting.

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