something like seq24 in ardour

I am starting to understand that in linux audio you have a bunch of applications open, routing inputs and outputs from one app to another with jackd.

I like the way that I can just use seq24 to lay down some beats, say 4 on the floor or something like that but then I have to record that into ardour as an audio track.

I currently don’t like this approach because it forces me to have to relaunch seq24 if I want to change the pattern and re-record into ardour.

Is there a way that I can just create a midi track in ardour, lay out the 4 on the floor beat, send the output to say seq24 and route input back to ardour in real time so that I can just live edit my sounds without having to record audio?

of course. that’s what a MIDI track does. if you’re asking if there is a specialized pattern editor, there is not. check into the DrMR plugin if you want a plugin to act as the drum sound generator. It loads hydrogen drumkits.

paul then I am doing something seriously wrong. For example, I don’t use sampled sounds in my music so while I tried hydrogen I didn’t stick with it long.

I use synths to make sounds which works pretty well.

Is it possible to do a setup like this…

create a midi track in ardour with a synth plugin for let’s say a kick drum. Route that midi information and sound to seq24 or any sequencer program so that I can put the beats say on every fourth note.

Have that audio routed back into ardour and played through the speakers.

This seems a bit complicated but the reason why is that I am really bad at putting down the midi information in time in the ardour midi track window.

If there’s another more standard or streamlined way to do it, I am willing to learn but I feel like I am going about this all the wrong ways.


I’d recommend you learn the ardour work flow. Once you get used to it, its pretty quick (admittedly my music isn’t very sequence oriented).
If you are having trouble getting the midi notes in time, make sure your tempo is set correctly and change the edits to grid mode. This will lock the notes to the beats. You can change the grid resolution to include eighth, sixteenth, triplet and all kinds of rhythms, but for 4 on the floor beats or beats/2 will work well.

If you really want to work with seq24 you can bounce the midi to ardour and record it in a midi track.
This demo video is for ardour3 but the workflow is still similar:

The problem was that I was trying to use the external zynaddsubfx but after seeing a youtube video and this question:

on linux musicians I got things working a lot better now. On with the music!