Something like Melodyne?

Hi guys,

is there anything like Melodyne for ardour or linux generally? And I don’t mean some autocorrection tool but an editor for vocals, with manual tone correction and such things. If something like this is already in process, I’d like to support it of course.

I do not know … but it would be nice to start seeing these things also developed on linux:)

the closest thing I’ve come across is “praat”, referenced in the thread

but it isn’t intended for musical applications and from a quick look at the source, I couldn’t see a quick way to adapt it…

the autotune is as ladspa tune but lacks a melodyne …

There’s no real melodyne alternative for Linux yet that I’m aware of but you should also check out waon wave to MIDI

Might be some use?

I had to buy an external TC Helicon Voice Works Plus for my studio, which I found to be the only professional alternative, though I hate using external units for such things because it wastes a lot of time, but at least the quality is there…

What about this plugin

Have a look at this program :

it can do much more than analysis and worth the time you’ll spend with it.