Someone Please Help Me

I know there is a post similar to this one but it did not help me. I cannot get ANY sound from Ardour. I have inputed a audio file. (mp3) And the meters move, the play marker moves along the track as if it’s playing, but there is no sound. Suggestions?

How did you imported mp3 file into ardour?
Convert it to wav file first, then import in ardour and give us feedback.

Do you have the audio output device set to loopback in the setup dialogue that comes up when you load the session. If so (and it seems to be the default), try selecting your audio hardware instead.

I tried converting the file to a wav file, and that didn’t work. Here are the settings for a new sessions and the settings for any particular setting.

screenshots are too small, i cannot see any texts in radio boxes, buttons…
Im wondering you imported mp3 into ardour, i dont believe its possible, mp3 isnt
opensource, so if you import converted file ( to wav), you see waveform right?
You use Mac OSX ?

Tell us more about your operating system, machine, soundcard…