Some usability issues with 6.7

After a break, I picked up Ardour again and some things seem to have changed. I wonder whether these things actually work like they are supposed. Maybe I just didn’t find the right options in the menu. I’m using an official Ardour 6.7 build on Ubuntu 21.04.

  1. The record button no longer works as a transport button. It only toggles recording mode but does not start the transport. I remember having an option for this similar to the loop button but I can’t find it.
  2. With “Play loop is a transport mode” ticked, playback always jumps to the loop begin marker once playback is being triggered, no matter where the playhead actually was. This could be a feature but I often want to play “into” the loop for rehearsal. So basically, I only want the playhead to be reloacted to the loop begin marker once the play head reaches the loop end marker during playback.
  3. The item seems to prevent “record with preroll” to work correctly when “loop mode” is activated. Once trigged the playhead is being relocated just after the loop begin marker which in turn does neither trigger “punch in” nor does it play back the configured 2 bar preroll.

Number 3 might simply be a bug but the other two items? I´d appreciate any tips you guys might have!

Re: 1, I don’t believe that the record enable button in Ardour has ever worked that way. There is an option to leave it engaged on stop, but the button itself didn’t ever make “one-touch record” possible. However, shift-space will do this.

Re: 2. this is probably a regression. I will attempt to fix it, but if you need the fix, you’ll have to run a nightly build, since there will no new releases for a while.

Re: 3. we decided several releases ago that punch and loop recording are incompatible, and it is no longer possible to combine them.

Hi Paul. Thanks for your help.
Seems my memory tricked me then for 1). Would you consider a PR for this? I would try integrating this as an option then.
If punch and loop are incompatible, then “Record with preroll” should probably not be possible while loop mode is activated? This record mode depends on punch in/out.
And if 2 is fixed as written in my post, wouldn’t this lead to inconsistent behavior when record mode is activated? Loop mode is set: regular playback would start at the playhead. When record mode is engaged, playback would start at the loop marker. :disappointed_relieved:

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