some success with ArdourVST

I decided to get hip yesterday, so I built ArdourVST from the 2.0-ongoing tree. Wow, some very cool stuff happening there. I love the new metering color (and the mini-meters for the tracks), but I confess that it’ll take me a while to get over missing my treasured Edit cursor. I’m trying to use the new system, but so far it’s not working like what I’m used to. I usually employed the Edit cursor for focus purposes, but it seems that the Marker focus isn’t working. [This has been confirmed].

The VST support is pretty stable so far. At first Ardour crashed on opening, so I filtered out my VST directory to include only VST effects plugins. Some still don’t work well: The SIR convolution plugin causes major xruns, a few others just didn’t start their GUI, but at least in those cases Ardour didn’t crash. Nice. I’ll keep testing various plugins.