some rough tracks

Some rough tracks recorded in Ardour for a new band project. Long way to go… these represent less than two weeks of work, and are the underpinnings of an upcoming demo.

cool stuff.
can’t really comment on the sound of things at all: it’s not that “rough” sound-wise, not rough enough for me to spot any obvious blunders anyway.

The songs, on the other hand, have a quality that is not common in the “Made with Ardour” section, in my humble opinion. reminds me of the last vinyl album I ever bought, by Living Colour. Keep going, I’ll come to see your gig next time you play in Manchester (England).

Seb: Thanks for the kind words. I guess what I meant by “rough” is that I will no doubt be putting a lot more time into the mixes, and re-doing some of the takes, but they are somewhat mixed already, and I quickly ran them through Jamin to make them “myspace-ready” (if that has any meaning).

hey cbreeze,

just trying to get an idea of the quality of recording from ardour. Those tracks are better than I expected (nice music as well). What was your recording set up for them? Other than ardour I mean. Did you use any plugins that you can recommend?


These tracks were actually recorded with nothing too special, just SM-57s as overheads, two on the snare (top & bottom, bottom one out of phase) and an SM-7 on the kick (also out of phase), then 57’s also on the guitars and the SM-7 on vocals. I used the preamps from my beloved Auditronics 110 board, which I’ve modded to facilitate multitracking, into a Layla3G. As for the mixing, I colored to taste with SC4(mono) and/or TAP Tubewarmth on most of the channels, Freeverb for reverb, and roughly “mastered” it all through JAMin. I tried to avoid software equalization, opting instead to tweak mic placement or use the Auditronics’s (wonderful) EQs when necessary. If I had more polished mixes done, I might even throw out a plug for “Blacktown Sound Labs”, which is a small Linux-based studio I’ll soon be opening with a couple friends. :wink:

Really good stuff.

It reminded me of Tool at the beginning.

Hey guys, I am so cool to read this, I am really like to here the tracks recorded in Ardour…Not only me most of the guys are @ my friend’s Car lease company to love it, we had just had a chatting about it there…

Nice one - I used to run a recording studio in Scotland called Seismic Records, was fairly local based stuff but ran well for about 5 years, until we all grew up a bit and left :wink: !!!

Listening to your myspace recording now, seems pretty good quality. I see why you call yourselves ambient rock. Sounding good. I also studied guitar at the london guitar school for a few years. few years back now though hehehe. Long time ago now though and now ive gone all corporate, working at The Franchises Shop doing my own unrelated thang.



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