Some punky pop rock I recorded earlier today

It’s still very much a work in progress. Bass is too loud. Kick drum too low. Autotuner bubbles. Lyrics missing etc etc. Still I’m really happy with how the overall sound turned out. Looking forward to finishing it! Have a listen at:

Any and all feedback appreciated. What do you think of it?

Thank you all for the feedback, it’s exciting to hear you like it! Most of the cred belongs to my friend who wrote and arranged the material. Mixing was also a collaborative process between the two of us.

I had to take it down for a while as the server was under a lot of load and apache was eating too much memory. It’s back up now.

The band has no page or any other presence on the web or anywhere else right now. Doesn’t even have a name yet. I hope to finish the production of the EP that “Imprisoned” will be part of by the end of May. Will be sure to post back here with the entire contents of the finished EP once it’s done.

The only part that sounds a bit unfinished to me is the ending.
I did detect the use of some pitch corrrection - what did you use for that?

Oh, and it worked fine here on SRware Iron, which is almost identical to Chrome.

I used Zita AT-1 as an insert, or rather two instances of AT-1 running on their respective channel and insert. Would like to use the auto tuner as an effect instead, as this would keep my settings between sessions. Tried the “autotalent” one but couldn’t come to terms with it.

You err on the side of caution, but that’s a lively, sharp, tight sound you got there.
Reminds me a lot of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Good stuff. :slight_smile:
Is it all you, or a band recording?

It’s a friend and me on everything. I’m especially happy about the guitar sound which was recorded off a vox tube combo with an sm57 and an electrostatic sennheiser-something. All the effects (compressor, reverb, autotuner, pass filter etc…) are ladspa or lv2. Would love to be able to use vst but haven’t gotten around to compiling ardour with it yet. Anyway the ladspa and lv2 ones seem to get the job done.

How do I err on the side of coution?

Simply fun listening to, great stuff ! :slight_smile:
I especially like the guitar sound and the way you applied the vocal effects, keep it.

On second thought, that is a really catchy tune, could you please create more ? :wink:

It IS catchy, isn’t it! The material is my friends writing and we’re in the process of recording about five or so tracks altogether. Will post back with more when they’re finished. Glad you like it! We do too :smiley:

Hello Burt.
What I meant was that you painted a cautious picture of your production. To quote:
“It’s still very much a work in progress. Bass is too loud. Kick drum too low. Autotuner bubbles. Lyrics missing etc etc.”

In fact it sounds fine. :slight_smile:

Chrome won’t play whatever file is there. I used WGET to get it, and it downloaded it, but the thermometer bar had no idea how large the file was.

Hm, use Firefox or Opera? :wink:

But seriously, there’s either something wrong with your setup or it was a temporary error on the server side.
wget works here, file is 3,5MB.


I think the server is set up to send it by chunked encoding. Compability-wise it would be better to use the content-length header and all that. I tried pointing both firefox and chromium at it before linking to it and it worked fine for me so I went ahead. Glad you guys found a workaround with wget.

Hey burt,

it’s funny, I already copied your song onto my MP3-Player, even though I’m normally not easily attracted to new music :wink:
Let us know when you’ve got something new. You don’t happen to have a band/project page anywhere, do you?


Do you have another link for the song? The one in the OP is non-working…

However, I did listen to this a couple days ago. It sounds great! I wish the song was a little longer, but I guess that’s what “repeat” is for. :wink:
This is a very radio-friendly, catchy song. Nice work.


after the 50th or so time listening to it, I’ve just recognized that you hear the metronome at the end, between from 2:06:00 to 2:07:50.


Hey Benjamin,

Good catch! Will have to buff that out.

Great song, great recording i like it a lot, i like the bass, it overall sounds great, i´ve been using a pair of bx5 for monitor, and at least 3 or 4 different headphones for my last work, found it different in every one, but being a noob i just decided i wouldn´t stop until i´d like it a lot on every speaker or headphone, i liked the result (yet not perfect) but its quite harder to the untrained ear to detect those details you as recorder an creator do, maybe some times we exagerate them?? still i think there´s a lot of road ahead for me to reach the ear detail most of these guys writing have, and all of them like your recording and your music a lot.

So… i hope to hear more of it soon.

Congrats and best wishes on your project!

Doo it more :slight_smile:

It sounds great, and i wont give you anny mixing advice :slight_smile:
Just leave that sound as it is. Leave that Metronome at the end too.

How many mics you used for Drummset?

i took the url of song, opened VLC player and “Control+R” ; “Convert and Save” from Network.

It works perfect.

Please make more recordings!