some plugins interface are not displayed

I recently installed ardour 5.12.
Nearly everything is fine except for EQ plugins from the /by category/equalizer EQ[1,4,6,10]Q Mono|Stereo serie. I don’t have any GUI for these.
Other plugins i’ve tried work well but these don’t.
I used them before in ardour4.
Thanks for your clues…

If I had to guess, you installed the EQ10Q plugins from a repository rather than the project’s website, and there is a dependency or library conflict. The plugin developer provides binaries on his site that are tested against the Ardour binaries to avoid these types of issues. It is probably worth a shot uninstalling the package you have and trying the official binary, if you have not already done so. I assume you are using the official Ardour binary. Let us know if that solves it.

I’m lucky :slight_smile:
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