some os x things

Its a very little thing but it would be very nice in further versions on OS X that like in nearly all os x application the preferences dialog is accesible via cmd+,

Also I have a few issues with the dropdowns on os x:
They open when i press the mouse button, but only stay open while the button is pressed.
As soon as I relase the mous button they close.
They are usable anyway, just keep the mouse pressed and select something but its not very comfortable.

I agree with Ephi.

I’d agree for the GTKOSX version, sticky menus would be good. Not a huge deal, but a decent idea.

I’d appreciate it if y’all (or one of y’all) would file a bug about this in, since it is not an Ardour problem but an issue in the GUI toolkit. Slightly more likely to be solved if its reported there.