Some Original Songs- AK-47

Hello everyone!
Just wrapped up some songs Ive been working on! Im rather new to recording a mixing and im still trying to learn the finer points of everything.Ive been using ardour for about 1 yr now and I think these recordings have been much more of an improvement compared to my previous ones. Regardless Ardour has been a great program and im glad to use/support it!

Always looking to improve and learn more! Any questions, comments, or well worded criticisms are greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:


Dirty Work sounds really nice. Like the mix. You do all the instruments yourself or…? Would like to know more about how that one was produced.

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Thank you! Nice to hear you enjoyed it!
Yes I played the Guitar, Bass, and Drums for Dirty Work
Used a Ibanez Classical guitar ive had for years now and a friends “Fretless Bass” which was really a Dean acoustic that he yanked the frets out of
I had access to some really nice microphones from a place I worked so I was able to use some Shure ksm 141s that I ran thru a 2ch Scarlet Focusrite interface to record the guitar and bass tracks, the drums tracks were done at a local studio and then imported into ardour
I used the hell out calf plugins too!