Some newbie questions

How do I rename a track when there is recorded material on it? I can not find it in the menus or by right-clicking that would be the most obvious place.

I have a Surge XT on two tracks and use a Launchpad pro mk III to enter the midi notes. When I select a preset on one of them it also changes the other instance to that preset. I am not used to that behaviour from other DAW:s like Ableton Live or Studio One. How can I avoid that?

How can I enable a count in on the metronome?

Sorry for these stupid newbie questions but I am preparing for the switch from Windows and Ableton Live to Linux and Ardour.

You should be able to just double-click on the name to edit it:


Transport > Record w/Count-In:


You could assign a custom keyboard shortcut to Record w/Count-In using Window > Keyboard Shortcuts and searching for “Count-In”.

Thank you for your reply! I did expect the count in to be accessible when right-clicking on the metronome like the other settings are.

I also did expect the track renaming to be found by right-clicking on the track name.

Still no solution to Surge XT problem…

You can also rename via a right click menu from the mixer strip for the track. But because the track header in the editor already has enough room for an editable name display, we don’t put the rename item in the right click menu there. We also got a lot of feedback from people some years ago that there’s a general expectation that dbl-click => edit.

Thank you for your reply!
It is possible to rename a region by right-clicking and it is possible to rename a track in the mixer page by right-clicking. I just thought it would be logical to be able to rename a track in the cue and edit windows too by right-clicking, but it is of course no big issue.

I love Ardour so far even if I have so much to learn of the thoughts behind it, it is of course different from other Daws like Ableton Live and Studio One.

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