Some More Tunes Made With Ardour

I’m doing a combined band / cartoon project at the moment over at and am currently using Ardour to record demo versions of what will eventually be the initial set.

There’s five tunes up at the moment, which you can find on . Between now and the first week of August I’m doing three new demos a week, uploading on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, together with the cartoon, so there may well be more tunes up by the time you read this.

As well as Ardour I’m using Hydrogen for the drums (in lieu of the actual drummer I have yet to recruit), and using numerous LADSPA plugins as I don’t have any actual outboard effects of my own.

In particular, I’m making heavy use of the Fast Overdrive, which makes my guitar sound less rubbish, the SC4 (mono) compressor, which makes my voice sound less rubbish, the Retro Flanger, which does pleasantly silly things to silly electric piano sounds, GVerb, the noise gate known as Gate (my guitar needs to be taken to the shop to get that horrible buzz fixed) and various others which I can’t remember right now.

As it happens, none of this project would be possible without free software, as the cartoon side of it is made entirely with Inkscape and the Gimp.

All comments etc gratefully received.