some ideas

I state that I do not know if some are already active, and given my low level of English use a translator, so I apologize for any nonsense.
this and I think that would serve to grow powerful ardor.
many things are directed to the production of music for electronic music, still poorly developed on Linux.

dssi support

bpm detector for when there is (usually voices) on an already exported in audio format

the ability to load the fonts directly and easily sount on a dedicated track or as a plugin like fluid synth but native and more responsive to load soundfonts.

sampler plugins of various kinds to play midi files directly from wave-style midi track and contact the native instrument battery.

editor midi and audio in a window below the main sequencer like Logic Pro for ease of editing (especially the midi of the piano roll ardor 3 alpha and very confusing) with access also to the mixer (comfort really useful)

drum machines plugins to be loaded above the tracks midi

simplify editing midi is doing that there is no need to change the button to delete or edit notes.

editing scores

to move the order of tracks in drug-and-drop

duplicate tracks directly from a drop-down menu interface.

change the background color of the regions based on the fast track to recognize

own a virtual keyboard, and very uncomfortable to always go to select the external one for those who do not use it …

for now these are the things that are lacking in ardor (and many even linux in general) that come to mind

for OSX Core Audio support

I want to point out that it is presumptuous but I think all the things I wrote would be very useful for the growth of the community of musicians and ardor of linux …


I recommend you look through Mantis. You will likely find issues existing to request all these features, and you can submit your own issues, putting them here will do little good.

In as far as your list, a vast majority of it seems to be addressed by A3, but some things like CoreAudio support already exist and have nothing to do with Ardour itself, as Jack already runs on CoreAudio, and in fact can exist as a CoreAudio driver to allow you to route any CoreAudio program through it.


sorry my fault

@seablade: is there still much point in this subforum, as most of it is meant to be put in mantis? Just wondering