some home recordings

I made a page with some of my recordings from since I started using Ardour.
Basically just looking for an excuse to play a lot of guitar.


Some really great ideas and playing there, I really liked the melodic stuff in “Sky” as an example, Good stuff!

Thank you.I don’t know if you noticed but I used your Black Pearl kit on the 2 tracks with vocals. They’re the most recent. I started out using loops and after I got more confident with Hydrogen I found your kit. I will probably eventually redo the parts that I did with loops with the Black Pearl.


I had a second listen to the vocal tracks and took better note of the drum sounds, glad you find the BP kits useful :). Listening to your voice you have quite an appealing tone in your lower range however for some of the lyrics I wonder how it would sound if you sang up an octave, ie sing the verse in your lower range and do the chorus up an octave, or even double up on some parts with the low range and an octave higher. When the song is all in one range it lacks the dynamics and tuning to really get some of those great lyrics across to the listener…

Please don’t think I’m being critical, I think you have a unique natural voice, I’d just like to hear more expression… Keep it up!

Thanks for the comments. I think the better thing to do would be to find someone to sing the octave or harmonies. I pretty much have no vocal range.My voice only really sounds good in that low,soft tone. if I sang that octave it would sound like I’m singing super high when for an typical voice it would just sound normal. It’s pretty limiting when I’m trying to find songs that I can sing.

Craig, very cool. I especially liked Trouble Me. Keep it up!

Also compliments to GMaq for the Black Pearl kits. I knew about them but only finally got around to getting them installed after checking out Craig’s work. Looking forward to using them.

Thanks for listening.