Some forum observations

While I’m a regular user of Linux and Ardour, I am relatively new to this discourse forum. My observations will be kept as brief as I can while being able to get my point across.

  1. Overwhelmingly there is a genuine community of users and developers wanting to help others with both hardware and software issues. My own active participation has been very fulfilling. I have found a voice that I didn’t have elsewhere. Thank you.

  2. I would urge users (experienced and inexperienced) and developers to respond kindly to all questions a) without jumping down users’ throat for what I understand is often just an innocent turn of phrase or translation issue, b) without bamboozling users with technical information unless it was part of their OP, and, more broadly, c) use words and phrases that are welcoming, rather than making users wonder whether they should stick around. Please resist being a “RTFM” type of community. There is never such a thing as a “bad” question. Everyone has external stressers…I get it. Perhaps take a breath/pause before committing to a response that might be perceived as frosty versus welcoming, antagonizing versus affirming.

Please take this as I intend…an indicator of how great this forum is but that there are always individual decisions, especially when dealing with a first-time poster, that could make or break their future involvement in a movement that depends entirely on a sense of strong positive community.


I have closed this topic and will be deleting most of the posts here. If you have a problem you can email me directly, seablaede gmail. Note the extra ‘e’ in the name compared to my normal username.