Some features unavailable in free version?

I have just stumbled on Ardour, trying to get audio in Linux and kiss windoze goodbye. It seems that some features are disabled in the menus, where they are highlighted and yet I am unable to adjust whatever parameters are in these areas.
Is this by design, since I haven’t yet paid for the pro version? If so thats fine, just wondering.
thanks in advance.

On Linux nothing is disabled at all.

On OS X the free version only has AU state saving disabled, which is not something you would see in a menu anyways.

If things are disabled in the menus, it probably means it wouldn’t make sense for you to use that right now.


It´s probably just graying items out because you don´t have anything selected for the menu items to affect.

I believe the only change in the ¨paid for¨ version is the ability to save AU plugin settings.


OK, that all makes sense, thanks so much for taking the time to reply.