Some Death Metal / Grindcore made in Ardour (work in progress)

So what do you think? It’s kind of a demo (no vocals yet) but i think it sound pretty decent.
Also, no real drummer but Drumgizmo.

DeathGrind 1

Looking for any opinions or suggestions in the mixing/sound design.

Cheers :skull:


Hi @Profe_Dylan,

Yeah, I thought the guitars sounded good and thought the drums were really good. Actually there is only a couple of places to me that kind of give it away that they are not real drums. The double kick sounded good, but think it was a tom or a snare that was really “machine gun”. Haven’t played much with drumgizmo, I normally use Hydrogen or an electronic kit, but can see if drumgizmo has a “humanize” or “velocity/timing” swings. Can crank that up a bit so feels more like a human drummer and not a robot.

Didn’t hear much bass, don’t know if that was in there. Kinda reminded me of early Metallica where there never was much bass. Overall, yeah I liked it. Keep on, keepin on.

Really good! Ye, I agree with Cchoowee. Guitars sound great! Drums are cool, but still not “human” (maybe play with velocities?); But it’s have a punch energy! Go on!!

Hello @cchoowee and @Ric_Sensever
Thank you both… I’m really happy to hear that guitars sound good.

The drums sound robotic I agree, but i’m not concerning at all since i’m planning to record real drums with my band. The bass was done with a guitar, using a pitch shifter to low an octave :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so I think that is the reason it has a really low presence in the mix, though I was kinda satisfied with it, now that you pointed it out I realized it is true, I’ll check my bass mixing and see if can get it sounding a little better.

Thank you for listening :slight_smile: cheers!

Hi! Listening again, after a “long time”… Do you put some lyrics? The song is finished? I hope it so. Cheers!

Not really, because of the virus thing i cannot meet with the band to get arrangements made

Oh, right. Well, when you finish the song/record, please warm me cause I really enjoy the song. Cheers!

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