Soma - Downbeat, Chill-Out

This is my latest track completely made with Ardour and native Linux plugins.

Plugins used: drumkv1 and LSP Monosampler for drums
TAL Noisemaker for Bass (+ Mixbus Bass Enhancer XT-BC)
Zynfusion for Chords, Choir, Flute and and Piano sounds
U-he Podolski for Arps and Pluck Sounds
X42 Autotune for adjusting the pitch of the Samples (Am Scale)
Samples taken from

XT-MC compressor and X42 limiter on the Master Bus
Reverb: Dragonfly by Michael Willis
TAL Dub Delay for Sample effects @ 0:18
FC-70 on Drum Bus
Guitar recorded with Guitarix plugins and Kalthallen IR

Positive criticism highly welcome :slight_smile:

Nice piece Lilith… Everything seems well balanced, the guitars are just nice equalised. The listening is quite pleasant. Maybe I miss some additional robustness/punch on the bass, but possibly that’s me.
BTW what is the voice sample?

Thanks for sharing,


Thanks AlbertoZ70!

I always have issues with the bass. Most of the time it’s not loud enough. I’ll look again into it and update the track maybe. The sample is that one here:

The strange thing is: That’s not the music I listen to myself :). I started a track yesterday and that one again goes into the dance / ambient direction with a little arabic touch. edit: Just turned up the bass :star_struck: