[solved]: VAMP Plugin "vamp-aubio:aubiopitch" could not be loaded

Based on this video Sample editing in Ardour - YouTube
And this lua script ardour-scripts/pitch to region name (aubio).lua at master · davidhealey/ardour-scripts · GitHub
by @DHealey

I try to rename region to pitch but this lua script not load and ardour return this error
[ERROR]: VAMP Plugin "vamp-aubio:aubiopitch" could not be loaded

i install vamp plugin* in $HOME/vamp & /usr/local/lib/vamp
* = Vamp Plugins & vamp-aubio-plugins, Vamp plugins for aubio
ardour 7.4

The file (vamp-aubio) needs to go in opt/Ardour-7.x/lib

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this work for me
& i change this files

Thanks, I’ll try that too so I don’t have to copy it to the Ardour folder each time I install a new version :slight_smile:

What is your recommendation for tuning drum shot (digital)
I tried it in many of kick samples but couldn’t tune them successfully

I don’t do much with drums but for everything else I use Signet

I test both method for (digital) drum one shots
but them cant detect drums keys correctly
I think because drum transition are very fast this issue happen
anyway thank you

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