[SOLVED] Samplv1 drumkv1 synthv1 padthv1 - no gui in Ardour

This is my first post so I just want to salute all of you guys responsible for giving us this great great great DAW!

Anyways, I’ve got this problem with samplv1 - lv2 plugin (also padthv1 and synthv1). Basically regular gui does not work - there’s only big blank gray empty window with: pinout (none) add save delete etc at the top of it. Generic Ardour’s gui works just fine but still.

I’m using Ardour 5.12-7 and Samplv1 0.9.3-1 both from community archlinux repos.

One issue may be related to the UI-type and can be worked around as described in


in short run

sudo find ~/.lv2 /usr/local/lib*/lv2 /usr/lib*/lv2 -name "*v1.ttl" -exec sed -i 's/drumkv1_lv2:ui,//' {}\;

However this could also be a deeper issue. The vee-one plugins are not self-contained and rely on system-wide libs. These may conflict with libs that other plugins use (e.g. QT4/5 cannot co-exist). There is no solution to this.

Yes! That was it. Thank you Robin!

[][][][][]v1 GUI are back again:


samplv1 - 0.9.10+git20190929

padthv1 - 0.9.10+git20190929

synthv1 - 0.9.10+git20190929


Yay! Thanks to a qtbase-static from “qtbase-everywhere” they’re now also viable. The plugins have no external dependencies anymore, and show up just like any other X11 plugin GUI.

For users that don’t or cannot use kxstudio, upstream this is available from the vee-one’s xstatic git branch. Kudos to rncbc for working on this.

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I tried git cloning the xstatic branch without success, would you happen to know for sure the change was made on sf.net?

I’ll have to reach rncbc again, the current archive I am using does not compile successfully, it was me who contacted him about reviewing the changes for having things more self-contained :wink: lol

rncbc is silent about these changes on his blog, it looks to me he’s only making this an exception for kxstudio’s repos.

I say kudos to everybody because I used the information you guys provided to me, including @paul 's document on how plugins should be expected to work in ardour, and I made a final argument with it – I think it was also thanks to the input I got from here that I was able to convince rncbc to make a new draft on having a static build support.


instead of making a new topic post I guess I can point out the easiest way about for debian-based systems of having these plugins installed for other users – as it seems I am not the only one who is dealing with the problems when these plugins aren’t installed as self-contained… the author was kind enough to amend these changes, but they’re published only into the kxstudio repositories.

Basically all user has to do is download the following links and dpkg -i /apt-get installing them and they’re ready to be used.

The qt5base-static is safe to install – it remedies this base library entirely under /opt/kxstudio , so it’s not a common path used by other libraries… Tested here on debian 10 64-bit…






@ahms, please spend some time and learn to format your posts properly.

Please try to be concise. Those page-long rants are counterproductive, in particular speculations or guesses on your part. I think you should probably write your own blog.

sorry if I rambled. I never intend to rant anywhere, I’ve been using Linux for over a decade to know well where to report bugs when I see them. I posted the solution(for obtaining .deb things) here because the upstream author is not interested in publishing this on their blog. I was wondering where you were able to pull on the latest git xstatic as I couldn’t very changes to qtbase-static with it, but I could download a tar archive with the changes with it… that’s how I was able to obtain the source of it. The source doesn’t compile – there’s a macro definition missing – I’m currently asking the upstream author, so it’s all ok.


– digressed the compilation topics – I got a response from the other thread on this. thanks