[SOLVED] (macOS Ventura) Ardour7 is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash

Solution is in the second post, immediately following this one.

I downloaded the .dmg file for the M2 chip.

I ran xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg and confirmed that the .dmg was in fact in the Downloads directory.

I disabled gatekeeper with sudo spctl --master-disable

I made the contents executable with chmod +x /Applications/Ardour7.app/Contents/MacOS/*

I opened the applications folder and Right-Click, then select Open. Did this twice since that apparently helps, sometimes.


I have repeated this process six to seven times, confirming each time that everything is correct.
It does not work.

What else can I do?
You’re bringing in $97K per year on open source software. Is it unreasonable to ask that you pay the $99/yr fee to just sign your software? It seems like a contradiction to complain about Apple’s subscription, while you’re imposing your own subscription.

If I can’t get it to install, after following your instructions and reading forum posts and trying multiple solutions, all because you’re unwilling to pay their subscription, how am I supposed to be expected to pay your subscription?

I’m open to suggestions, and I’m comfortable with the terminal. Please don’t read this post as hostile. Legitimate thoughtful questions above.

Thank you.

I suspect that the quarantine command doesn’t function the same in Ventura.
xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg seems to fail to do what it should, preventing install.

For future readers, use the curl option instead. That was very easy, and worked.

curl is the solution

Get the download link, and copy it to clipboard instead of clicking on it to save the file.

In your terminal, type:
curl -L "LINK" -o Ardour.dmg

Replace the word LINK with the URL you copied. You need to keep the quotes surrounding it. Then press [Enter].

It should look like this (for the demo version).
curl -L "https://community.ardour.org/download-demo?expires=12345&id=123425&limit=3&signature=123245abcdefgpq3weijrap9q24ioefwjaqqp9woeaijsdfapw9fojsdi" -o ~/Downloads/Ardour.dmg

Then simply double click Ardour.dmg in your Downloads folder and install like normal.

This page was helpful, but I think this information should be made more visible on the macOS download page.

We don’t pay it not because we can’t pay it but because we object on a matter of principle that Apple should be able to levy a charge (however small) against every 3rd party developer, with the cost of not paying being that users suffer.

We will likely change our position on this in the not too distant future.

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Have you checked to make sure it is in fact not a corrupted download?

Also I believe the xattr command needs to be run on the .app instead of the DMG but could be wrong on that, going off memory which is dangerous for me.

I do not have this issue in Ventura 13.0.1 on a MacBook Air M2. Just
xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg
works here.

curl FTW!

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Ha, I just saw you drop out of the IRC chat moments ago. Thanks for the reply here!

Reading the instructions, they do specify that the xattr should be run on the .dmg file that you’ve downloaded, and not on the .app

The command in my OP is a copy/paste from the instruction page.

I’m betting that something changed in Ventura and xattr doesn’t have the same effect. I was able to use curl, which doesn’t set a quarantine attribute. wget would work also, but I like curl.

I understand, and can sympathize with such an objection. I object to paying taxes for roads I don’t drive on and public schools since I don’t have kids to attend them. But, alas, I play the game for a smoother experience (ie, tax evasion felonies are non-preferential to just paying the fee I disagree with).

My thought, in this case, while still objecting to Apple imposing the fee, is toward the end user that has to struggle with a workaround. Thankfully curl worked well and I was familiar enough with the tool to easily figure it out. But I think less tech-savvy users would have struggled with figuring that out on their own. The linked guide to the curl solution was generic, and not specific to Ardour.

Below is an exact duplication of the guide. Very straightforward to people that already use curl. Cyrillic Greek to people that never heard of curl and just want to make music.

Using curl or wget

You can also download the application using a tool that doesn’t set the quarantine attribute. curl or wget should work for this. Open a terminal then run:

# Quoting the URL is recommended to avoid issues with special characters.
curl -LO "file URL"

# Or, if you have installed wget:
wget "file URL"

This is how Steam and update frameworks like Sparkle are able to download and run applications without requiring them to be signed.

I am perfectly fine with taxes that the benefit the general public.
However what Apple does here is extortion: “Either you pay us, or we make it hard for users to run your software”


Well, only on their platform, that is. They are running a business, and they’re setting the rules for their own platform. Stupid, I agree, but I doubt they’re rethinking their position due to the struggle of an open source community. My friend may not buy a macbook because Ardour doesn’t install easily. That impacts their business in the way Ardour devs intend, I believe, I just don’t think it will have a positive effect on the Ardour user base as the end result.

As an aside, I’m part of the general public, and I’m not benefited by the taxes that pay for the roads I don’t use.

It’s not about open source. It’s about a company saying “if you want your users to not suffer, then you must pay us”. That applies to all 3rd party s/w devs for macOS. It’s almost criminal.

Robin and I are not likely to buy into an even vaguely libertarian angle on this, btw.


That’s fine, you don’t have to agree with what they’re doing. I’m asking you to consider your own users…

Are you at least willing to make the (arguably easier) curl method more visible on the instructions page? xattr didn’t make any difference, in my case, but curl worked right away. Having both methods immediately available would have been helpful to me several hours ago.

I am in tech for a show right now, so not paying attention to much on my laptop atm, that was likely me closing it and it going to sleep, sorry.

I would argue that it is YOUR platform: you paid money for the equipment, and for the OS. And, because it is Apple, you paid a significant amount for it.

I’ve been using personal computers for more than 40 years and I cannot recall any other company extorting both their users and third-party companies in the way that Apple does.

It’s NOT a tax. It is, as @x42 points out, extortion.

If you have ever used a bus, you have benefited
If you have ever used a taxi, you have benefited
If you have ever had a delivery, you have benefited
If you have ever had need to, rely on an ambulance, fire brigade or other emergency service, you have benefited
If your expectation is that, if you do need an emergency services vehicle, one will be sent, you are benefited
If you have police or other security services vehicles patrol your streets, you have benefited.

The point here is that taxes are generally made to support the community good, especially when they pay for infrastructure and services in your area. Whether you use these directly or not, you gain benefit from them.

Apple’s fee does not benefit the community at all: it only benefits Apple and their shareholders by making an already eyewateringly rich company, even richer.




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