[SOLVED] How do I set visible note range to only relevant/used notes?

Hello there! I was wondering if someone could help me, or if this is even possible:

I have a number of midi tracks. Some of them are imported, some are created.

To make it easier to view them, I would like to set the range of visible midi notes to ONLY the range of notes that appear within the midi track. E.G. If the notes are only C3-A5, then I would only like to show C3-A5.

I have tried using the little “scroomer” widget thing to zoom, but it only goes so far.

The imported midi tracks only show the used/relevant notes, but now I would like to do the same with other tracks. I have unused space that is just making my workflow more difficult.

Is this even possible?

Thanks a lot in advance.

(I’m using the latest Ardour on Ubuntu Linux btw)

For me a doubleclick on the scroomer resets it to the used note range. There’s a visual glitch though, the scroomer itself only gets updated to its new size after grabbing it. Also this isn’t documented in the reference manual - I found out a while ago by accident, and had to try out again now in a recent 7.3 nightly to remember how it actually works.

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Worked perfectly for me.

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