[SOLVED] Freezing busses ouput?

Hello I’m fairly new to ardour but I know a few other daws and here’s a function I searched for and didn’t find answers.
Basically I want to simply freeze the output of busses, because ie I have let’s say 8 guitars tracks with DI. The amp sims take up loads of cpu, and they go to a rythm bus which feed a Guit sum bus (with leads etc)
The only things I ve found are exporting the tracks, but I tried the opacity layering but obviously with mono tracks panned it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried creating an audio track and setting the exports in the routing window, but I have a loss unless I hard pan everything which isn’t working with tom tracks for example.
Is there a simple way like selecting tracks right click somewhere and freeze them ? It’s such a simple task and effecient way to do rather than bouncing multiple kick tracks, then snare tracks then guitars etc etc ?
Thank you for taking the time to answer me :slight_smile:

Or at least freeze multiple tracks at once (like all seperate drum elements, guitars etc)and being able to merge some (like all guitars together)?

Part of the definition of a bus is that it an object without any associated data on disk. Contrast with a track, which does have associated data on disk.

Consequently, it is impossible to “freeze a bus”, because the bus has no data that it owns/controls. It is just for real time processing of its input signals.

I’m used to folders that’s why, but is there a way to freeze multiple tracks, and an other way to merge them ?

I think that before trying to answer that, it would be good to have a clearer picture of what per-track processing and what bus-level processing you need/want to do.

Well for instance, I have this track, which has 4 kick mics plus a midi track, 5 snares tracks including overdubds and also a midi track, some toms, tons of over head tracks, Bass tracks, 8 guitars DI, vocals, fx etc
So in order to reduce my cpu load, I’m used to level pan and eq my tracks, then freeze them, removing cpu consuming plugins.
then I merge some rhythm guitars together (here I have some for the verse, different for the chorus etc so bus processing isn’t really a thing, unless I recreate a bus for each song part), same for kicks, snares etc to reduce the amount of tracks

You can certainly freeze tracks, as many as you want.

You might also consider wet recording (i.e. capturing the output of the amp sims) and then removing the relevant plugins.

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Oh great how Could I freeze tracks ?

You said it yourself:


Oh I see. Then that’s where the line between ardour and mixbus sits ^^’ thanks for your time!

Yes, freezing in Mixbus is more problematic because of the “important” plugins that make up each track. Disabling them post-freeze would break a lot of “the Mixbus experience”.

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