[SOLVED] Can't select regions separately (click one selects all)

Using Ardour 7.3 I recorded three tracks in one take, thus creating three regions.

After recording I want to work on the regions separately, but selecting one region selects all three, as if they were in a group. The tracks are not grouped.

How do I enable selecting the regions one by one, so I can work on regions separately?

Try that: in Preferences->Editor:

fifth-to-last line: “Region in edit groups are edited together if …”

Try to change that, and see if it helps.

Thanks, but they are selected together regardless of those settings. The tracks are NOT grouped. They were just recorded simultaneously.

When right-clicking in one of the tracks and choosing “Select All in track”, it looks like only one region is selected. However, moving the selected region, the NOT selected regions move along…

As a workaround I did a stem export and imported the exports to separate tracks in a new session.

But the problem persists in the new session as well! Selecting one region and moving it around, the other regions follow. I don’t think this can be intended behaviour?

In that configuration dialog, and for the setting “Regions in edit groups are edited togheter:” what value did you pick instead of “if they have identical length, position and layer”?

I tried all of them, same result regardless of choice.

I found the reason. My setting was:

Edit Mode > Ripple > All

Changing that to Edit Mode > Slide I can move and select regions as before. While I expect Ripple All to move stuff around while adding or removing sound, I didn’t expect regions to be “glued together” while moving them.

Edit Mode > Ripple > Interview will also allow for individual region handling.

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