Solved: Ardour 7 has an "Unexpected exception during session setup" with some 6.9 Files

Hi Experts,
I’m very happy about the release of Ardour 7 which I just installed on Linux Debian 11.
Unfortunately I can’t open all my files from 6.9. Files with pure audio tracks have not been a problem so far. Files with midi content do not work. With these files I get the error message:
ERROR: Unexpected exception during session establishment: basic_string::substr: __pos (which is 1) > this->size() (which is 0)
Do I still have to pay attention to any setting to open “old” files with MIDI content or …?
Thank’s for all helpful information.
Best regards

This is unusual, and I do not immediately see how MIDI files and substr[ing] exceptions are related. That would indicate some invalid Track Name perhaps.

Are there any unusual characters in the MIDI file or MIDI track name?

Can you share the Ardour6 session that produces the issue (ideally to or if you cannot share it publicly by email

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We have resolve this issue offline. – The problem were negative timestamps in the .ardour session file.

Apparently Arodur6 was able to write Regions with length="-1" length-beats="-3.3650500597559585e-05" and Ardour7 failed to convert those timestamps.

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Thank you for the quick and perfect help!

Meanwhile also fixed in Ardour 7.0-22-g23010a910d

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