Soloing a midi track

hi there

question about working with midi tracks.

when composing with midi i usually develop several tracks in parallel. so, while editing a specific region in the piano roll i need a fast way / shortcut to solo the corresponding track in order to hear just that specific track or un-solo that track so that i can hear how it sounds in the context.

in ardour’s editor window shortcut ‘ALT + S’ solos a previously selected track. unfortunately drawing or editing midi notes inside a region of that track de-selects the corresponding track so that the aforementioned shortcut is not effective unless the track is re-selected manually by clicking on the track’s header. but then one could directly click on the track’s solo button, right?

i don’t know maybe i’m missing something and there is clever shortcut that does what i’m looking for. i tried to solve it by using an ‘action’ but i couldn’t figure out on how to do it.

however, wouldn’t it be useful to automatically make a track, bus, etc. selected as soon as one ‘touches’ any part of that specific track, bus, etc. be it a plugin, pan, volume slider you name it?

looking forward to get your opinion on that…

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