Solo-via-bus Monitoring Connections with JACK+Ardour

I’m recording 2 Vocalists, 2 Guitars and a Kit.
I feed both Vocal tracks into a Vocals Bus, 2x Guitar tracks into a Guitar Bus and 5x Drum Tracks into a Drum Bus. And this works very well.
However, when I add monitoring it starts to go pear-shaped. I’m using Solo-via-bus so that the main output(foldback) remains unchanged when I hit solo, and the monitoring output has a particular solo’d track only.

I understand that in this solo setting clicking ‘solo’ only effects the [control] output as displayed in JACK.

My question is this: How do I feed the Control-out of a track into a bus, as there is no Control-in for a bus?
I guess I could create a 4 channel bus instead of a 2-ch one? but this seems a little ‘hackish’

Any help greatly appreciated.


to use solo-via-bus, there (is supposed to be) a “Control” bus created; each track control out is hardwired to this bus (one of the few examples of hardwiring in ardour). you should/must have selected to use a control/monitoring bus when creating the session, otherwise the option should not be available.