Solo Rock Project

The drums are from Logic, bounced to audio in Ardour 2, and then everything was recorded/mixed in Ardour from there.

I’m open to critical feedback!


I like the song and I like the production with regards to the effects used being kind of ‘dreamy’. I think the mix is pretty good, if anything the heavy fuzzed guitars could come down because they obscure the vocal range you are singing in. If I could offer a suggestion I think the song would benefit from some ‘layering’ and dynamic range perhaps having the first verse with your voice and the acoustic guitar only and then having the bass and power chords bang in on the second verse (or first chorus) maybe also by having the guitars vary in the chord voicings for instance capo up on the acoustic guitar part and pick out the individual chord notes instead of having the acoustic and electric doing the same chords in the same register, it would add a little more dimension to the mix I think.

Anyway just suggestions so take 'em or leave 'em, great job! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice one, I like the “feel” of the song! Some comments from me:

  1. the track sounds too mono, you need a bit of space in there - everything’s coming down straight through the middle
  2. as the other two posters mentioned - the overdriven guitars are a bit too prominent.

You can try to introduce elements of space for the guitars by:

  • pan acoustic slightly to the left or right, and pan the overdriven guitar to the other side
  • record the overdrive twice and pan one hard left, the other hard right. Then place the acoustic guitar a little bit either left or right

I think that’d give some room for the vocals to shine.

For the second idea above, don’t just duplicate the track! It’s the subtle differences in strumming, picking etc. between the tracks is what makes it work.