Solo.Mute Button Colors

I think I am missing something easy, but can’t figure it out.

Is there a way to have all of the solo and mute buttons be the same color? And to only toggle between two colors for on/off?

Why the four colors per button, and different colors per track?

sean: many buttons in ardour have THREE states, not two:

  • off
  • explicitly enabled/on
  • implicitly enabled/on

An example of the last: you solo some track, which mutes others. The mute buttons of the other tracks change color, but to the “implicit” color/state, so that you can see at a glance what is happening. It would be (and used to be) confusing when you cannot see what is happening, which is what occurs when buttons have only two states.

I had some colors problem in Ardour 5.5.0, but it was corrected here (nightly build 5.5.53):

At all, if you go to “Preferences>Theme>Colors>Items” you can find “solo button>fill active” and “mute button>fill active”. Just choose any color for these items.

wait a minute… solo/mute buttons have consistend and sensible colours for me. Any chance you are in “Harlequin mode”? I learned about this from x42’s post on this thread: