Solo Marimba recorded in a good concert hall

Hey guys. Just wanted to share an awesome recording I just made the other day in my schools largest concert hall. When listening, keep in mind I have used NO reverb plugins at all! This was recorded for a client auditioning for a summer artist program:

Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it!

PS. If curious, I can describe how I positioned mics for this sound.

Hey, for all the people downloading this and taking a listen, I would like to see some more comments!

@tbonedude: Very impressive recording - I assume it’s not a very easy instrument to record, but you’ve done it really well. Did you have to do much to it when you mixed it?

Nice, especially between 4:04 and 4:18. What was the setup (what mics, how many, placement, pre-amp, audio card, PC). Thanks for sharing.

Here is a link to a picture of my setup:

I used 5 mics. On the outer edges of the marimba, I used 2 MXL modded 990’s, each turned in at a 35 degree angle. in the center of the instrument, I used a semi modded MXL v63 large diaphragm condenser. Finally, about 5-6 feet in front of the instrument I used two modded MXL 603’s in an xy pattern, about 10-12 feet up. I do have my reasons for having broken the 3:1 rule though, since the sound source location on a marimba is constantly changing, I thought 3:1 wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Especially since the close mics are set up more like an ab pattern.

Also, I recorded over firewire using ffado drivers and a presonus FP10. The PC i a Dell Inspireon 1520 with Core2Duo and 4gb of ram, running a heavily patched version of kubuntu 9.10. Also, I built my version of ardour from source (with vst, lv2, and ardourxchange support) and mixed this recording with mostly linuxdsp lv2 plugins.

@tbonedude: Really nice recording! Very naturally sounding, great stereo imaging! But I think it should not be left unmentioned that the playing of the instrument is truly impressive, too.
Just one thing I am wondering: Why are you calling yourself tbonedude though you use MXL microphones? :wink:

well, I’m tbonedude because I am a trombone player. But I use mxl mics because after some modding, they sound alright (or GREAT if modded by a pro!) and they are very cost effective. I wonder how far my client will get in this competition though… (it would look good for me if he got pretty far along!)