Solo and mute work nondeterministically...?

Hi Ardour Community!
I’m having a hard time trying to understand how SOLO and MUTE are working.

I want to hear drums only, which I have grouped and the “Solo” and “Mute” options are “ON” for this group. But if I press “SOLO” on drum track, entire group is soloed (ok)… but one of my BASS track too. How? Why?
If I click SOLO on almost every drum track - whole group goes solo (ok)… ecxcept if I click “Solo” on one specified track within this group… Again: why?

Take look at this, is this wrong or am I losing my mind?:


Looks like there is some connection between the Bass track and one of the tracks in the other group. Could it be a sidechain in one of your plugins in the Bass-track?

Thanks! Yes, I have bass compressor plugin sidechaining by the kick drum. I forgot.
Anyway, the bass shouldn’t be audible if I solo the drums, even if some plugin has a sidechain input.
And what about the rest? You cannot explain it by the sidechain plugin. If I click solo on one track in the group whole group is affected and if I click solo on the other track - solo works for this track only.
Thank you!

Ok, one thing that stands out is that your rhythm group (color red) is allways solo’d. That’s weird. Even if you don’t solo it directly (bright green) it’s indirectly solo’d (green rim). Why is that? There is some connection to this group from maybe one of the hidden tracks (rhythm-mics)?

OK, I think I got it partially. If I select a track then solo it, the solo applies to selected track only and not for entire group. Selection overrides group settings. Is this intentional behavior, or bug?

What version of Ardour are you using?

Always latest master branch.

OK, so things have changed there in preparation for version 7.6. I’ll describe what should happen now, and I’d appreciate it if you can confirm that this works in your case.

For a long time, we’ve had users asking to be able to create “arbitrary groups” simply by selecting multiple tracks at once, and then performing some operation on them.

In the current code, groups have been “reduced” mostly to a mechanism to share selection status. If you select one member of the group, the others will be selected too.

Then, operations on most of the mixer track controls (gain, solo, mute, rec-enable etc. etc) operation on the current selection.

The result ought to be very close to previous behavior, in that if you select a member of a group, the whole group is selected and then adjustments to that track affect the group. The tradeoff is that you have to make an extra click to select first.

However, tbis offers more flexibility and we think that in general that “operate on selection” is the correct model (and what we should have done all along).

Let me know.

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