"Solo 01" by Ricardo Sensever

This is my first music in solo project.

All in Ardour :wink:


Nice one with a guitar sound I like. Left a like.

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It’s a good surprise that you liked the guitar tone (if I don’t misunderstood you), cause I’m not consider me a guitar man :slight_smile: It’s hard to me to find the appropriated sound/tone. Thanks!!

Hi @Ric_Sensever,

I like the song and all the changes. I love the clean guitar sound. Would try to look for another bass sound (guessing a synth). Dirty guitar sounds come on a little too strong for me towards the end of the song. Maybe dial back volume a bit, but like what you are doing.

Overall really liked it. There’s no sound at the beginning, so thought my sound was on the fritz… :slight_smile:

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Hi friend! Thank you for suggestions! It’s always a good way to learning when others feedback your work. Ye, I have this sensation too about the volume of the guitars in the end…

Hi Cchoowee. One doubt came to my mind: when you said that love the clean guitar tone, are you referring to the acoustic nylon guitar or the electric clean that precedes the dirty one?
PS.: sorry for scary you with the silence in the beginning :slight_smile:

Hi @Ric_Sensever. I was referring to the acoustic guitar.