Solid State Logic announces support for the Ardour project

October 6th, AES 2006, San Francisco

The Ardour project is happy to be able to announce the involvement and support of Solid State Logic (SSL), one of the most respected and trusted names in the field of audio technology. SSL has chosen to support Ardour's development and to promote the idea of its broader adoption within the audio technology industry. SSL's Managing Director, Antony David, had this to say at SSL's AES press announcement:

[ ... ] Solid State Logic is committed to providing users with a range of products that enhance the experience of producing music or sound for picture. We are becoming a much more open company and are establishing strategic partnerships throughout the industry to deliver a new breed of hardware and software solutions to audio workstation users. Our collaboration with Waves and Algorithmix are examples.

Continuing down this track, SSL is proud to announce its involvement with the Ardour workstation. We have been funding development of the Ardour platform for a number of months and plan to continue through our relationship with its key developer Paul Davis.

[ ... ]

Our involvement with Ardour should not be seen as exclusive of other workstation manufacturers and we regard the Ardour platform as important for an industry that doesn't currently have a truly open project interchange standard or an open platform for plug-in developers. The open architecture and platform neutral technology of the Ardour workstation are a natural fit with SSL's long-term vision to provide scalable and customisable solutions to a rapidly growing customer base.

The Ardour project continues to work with Harrison on its own product plans for Ardour, and we look forward to welcoming the participation and support of other companies and organizations.

This is an awesome board. We have one at the studio i work for in jacksonville. A great engineer teaching me also. its awesome

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Solid State Logic has announced its involvement with the Ardour workstation and is contributing to its development by employing Paul Davis, the founder of Ardour and its key developer.

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Oh! It’s a good news, that Harrison will work with Ardour!

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mmm i’ll just stick to ssl with out daw Ooohh big mixerbord :open_mouth: :smiley:

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