SOLARIS-sun micro systems ???

Hi, there everyone!!!
This is my first post on this site.
Im just wondering if anyone knows if Ardour will run on a sun micro systems blade 2000 running solaris?
Its got huge Ram, something like 8 gb!!, 2x72gb hd’s and It has 2x 1.3ghz cpu’s.
Also, if it will run on this system does anyone know what kind of audio interface would be suitable ?

I have heard great things about this program and some of the other linux based music software.
If anyone can help out with any info on this that would be great as I would love to set this up on this computer.
Thanks, Andrew.

Does Linux with ALSA run on it?

It seems that it hasn’t got an x86 processor. Then ardour might be able to compile without the processor dependent optimizations. But it isn’t one of the current target platforms. So don’t expect much support with it until some time after 2.0 is finally released.

Maybe Paul wants to say something himself.

Ardour has been ported to FreeBSD, which is about as close to Solaris as anything. But the Blade2000 is not an x86 processor nor a PPC processor, so there would likely be issues to resolve with a port. It certainly will not build out of the box on that system, and some work would be involved in porting it. Keep in mind that as powerful as the machine specs might be, what matters for low latency realtime audio work is more related to the kernel than the hardware itself (assuming that the h/w is not braindead). Solaris is not known for as a low latency multimedia platform, though that doesn’t mean its bad either.