Software monitoring


I’m having problems setting up a bit more complex monitoring with ardour.

I do have 8 input signals. I want to record them, and make 5 independent monitor mixes from them. 4 mixes are going to musicians’ headphones. Fifth mix is going to control room. I want to be able to use mute, solo and faders on control room mix, without affecting musicians monitor mixes.

What I have done so far:

  • Tracks
  • A monitor bus for each musician
  • a bus for each input, each with 4 pre-fader sends to musicians monitor buses, output to master out

The problem is that, soloing a monitor bus also affects sends. I want that sends work regardless of fader, mute or solo buttons.

Thanks in advance

right-click on the “mute” button and select what you want to mute (you can mute e.g only post fader). If your sends sit pre-fader, then they won’t be muted.

Thanks, this solves that problem with muting. But it doesn’t help if I solo some other bus. All the other bus still get muted. Ardour version 2.8.7

I’m rather new to Ardour so this suggestion might be all wrong but I wonder if you could do what you want with 2 instances of Ardour running? Use one to set up musician mixes and the other for the control room.