Software instument/soundfont intigration in ardour3

So, the title says it all… Will it be possible to have software instrument and/or soundfont support in ardour3? I ask because even though ardour3 supports MIDI, it does not play back midi events as sound unless patched into physical midi hardware, or a softsynth, such as fluidsynth, and then get run into an audio track. So, will ardour3 support some means by which midi can be played back and heard as audio, or will manual patching always be required (like it currently is)?

little effort was intended with respect to the entire project, are eternally grateful to the development team of ardor, and I see that in the relase 3 sw has found the right way,:slight_smile: in spite of those who did not want the implementation of the midi I find choice made ​​by the team of very knowledgeable and visionary ardor.
this version of Ardour DAW is leading the way to access the Linux universe of professional to serious levels.
I feel obliged to do so thanks to Paul David and the other team, without exception (I also thank the testers) for the work and effort put into its development of the sw.
Now the real problem is how to extend the hardware support on linux …
the fact that Linux is comparable to the Apple platform in music …

it would be nice indeed :slight_smile:
rosegarden does it via dssi IIRC. It would truly be great if ardour supported software intruments internally.

Bug report/feature request posted on mantis:

Even if I have a home studio mostly based on hardware synthesizers, it would be a cool addition, indeed.

could any devs chime in here? I really want to know the possibilities (as I feel is is an essential feature)!

Short answer is last I heard this is planned for 3.1, with 3.0 concentrating on MIDI editing and record capabilities. Now the last I heard of this was some time ago however.

One thing that I have heard used very succesfully with Ardour however is OpenOctave, which I suppose could be worth looking into pairing with Ardour3 for this purpose, but I can’t tell you much about it sorry.

All that being said, the best place to get answers about future development plans is on IRC, not on the forums, which are much better for help and general questions. There is only so much time in the day, and as a result the active devs don’t tend to spend as much on the forum.


I hope it is already introduced in Ardour 3, I think a useful feature that requires little effort to be entertained …

@gusta little effort is several underestimating the amount of development time required for it, however that being said it is already implemented, as evidenced at the feature request linked to above for this feature:)