Softube VCA Compressor FREE until March 31st 2024

Free SoftTube VCA Compressor. You will need a SoftTube account , SoftTube Central Software, for Mac and Windows.

iLok also required

It looked worth a download and look until I saw iLok, oh well…

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Yea iLok has kept me from getting several potentially useful plugins sadly. I always consider it, but so far I haven’t done it yet.


@GMaq @seablade I stayed away from iLok for a long time. I don’t know when they ditched the hardware dongle, but I have used iLok software since 2018 , no iLok USB Dongle , and no issues. This PC always has internet available. What are the main reasons people are not wanting iLok ? Is there license issues when internet is not available ? Or just iLok is intrusive ?

If there is a problem with it hanging up during authorization, starting the iLok software before the DAW can help. I have not had to do that on my system though.

Well I’m a Linux User (and Distributor) of Ardour so to me iLok is a Win/Mac thing so I pay little attention to it, to be clear I do use some Win Plugins with yabridge which is in itself a house of cards and having just reloaded my main Studio box and spending and hour or so simply re-authorizing the Win and Lin Plugins I do own and use (which thankfully most have pretty straightforward serial numbers) I don’t want to enter a whole other realm of Windows dependency that will be subject to potential Wine breakage…

I’m happy to deal with the ridiculous… ludicrous is where I draw the line… :wink:


For me it is partially the principle, but also the ‘need to have another account’, ‘have to have internet connection’, ‘Doesn’t work on Linux’, ‘have to have another piece of software running to authenticate’, etc. Not to mention the horror stories I have heard in the past (Granted not as many lately) about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the thought process behind it for those that use it, but it is hard to push myself there at this point.


I’ve only had issues with iLok on Linux/Yabridge with a UAD plugin. I registered/authorized on iLok, but UAD Download Manager doesn’t seem to find it.
For all the other plugins no issues at all (so far).

Meaning you are using iLok succesfully with multiple plugins (Windows VST) on Linux? Or otherwise?

Would love to have my experience corrected on this honestly.


Yes. iLok runs under wine. Plugins under Yabridge.
The only issue was really with the only UAD plugin I’ve tried.

Sorry for the delay to reply you. I think I was not notified when you posted.

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