Softball stereo monitoring question from a newbie...

Hello all,

I can’t quite seem to figure out the method for this. I’m recording two tracks while monitoring. I want the first track only in the left channel and second track only in the right channel… I’m using a Delta 44 and I can’t quite figure this out without having both tracks blended in both left and right channels. Thanks in advance.

There are many ways of doing this. One simple way to do it is to use the normal mono tracks. Note that a normal mono track in Ardour is a track with one input and two outputs. Using the panners on the track you can pan the first one left and the second one right.

Another option is to use “true mono” tracks which have one input and one output. These tracks will not have a panner, instead you have to use the output routing on the first track to use the left channel input and the second track to use the right channel input.

You can also add a “summing bus” to the mix. When I mix I usually route all drums through a bus dedicated for all drum instruments. The tracks routed there are already panned very strongly to their repsective places, but I can use the bus panners to bring the drums closer together. The bus can also be used to control the overall volume of the drums without affecting their balance.

Thanks! I’ll try these suggestions.